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Is it Art? Questioning Artistic Merit and Child Pornography

  When your art work is known for being a social commentary and has been determined both cutting edge and praiseworthy, it is only a matter of time until you find yourself in… Continue reading

Cultural Casualties of War

Casualties of war are always thought of in terms of human lives. These are of course of paramount importance, but the oft not thought of cultural losses are staggering as well. It’s shocking… Continue reading

Default and Da Fault: Zitronenscheibchen and Nazi Confiscated Art

You don’t need to take Intro to Property Law (save yourself the sleepless nights) to know that when you default on a loan, the collateral you put up no longer belongs to you.… Continue reading

To Sell Or Not To Sell, That Is The Question

  Money and politics … it’s a pretty safe bet they’re intrinsically related to one another – where you find one, you’ll find the other. Who would have thought art would be wrangled… Continue reading